Thanks for choosing us as your choice for graphics and decals! Here you will find instructions and advice on getting your decals in place easily and correctly! Its really easy when you know how!

Finshes avalible are varied from indibike. Please check the item you've ordered and what finish is supplied. 


And your done, stand back and admire for as long as you like! 
Vinyl Wrap Fork, Rim & Printed Graphics

Follow step 1 & 2 from die cut finish application advice.
(Vinyl wrap print's don't need water in the application as they have a small surface area.)

Then step back and enjoy! 

InvisFilm Application Advice :

Ensure the part your fitting to is dirt and dust free.
Clean the area your applying to, with warm soapy water or isopropyl alcohol if you have it avaliable.
And dry with a lint free cloth.

Continue to spraying area with water and removing the part you have trimmed from the kit for application.
Peel the backing paper and and fold so you can hold the piece and align in place. 

Grab your application tool or bank card or fingers, and heat-gun/hairdryer and start wiping from the centre out,
or one edge wiping away, ensuring your pushing the water/air bubbles out.
If applying rim decals start at one edge and work across conforming the graphics into place. 

If you need to go around a 90 degree edge then ensure you start on the flat edge first.
And heat the film till plyable and push around with your thumbs.

Please note, standard die cut, or printed and laminated graphics are not safe for use with a jet washer or any kind of pressure washer. These are not safe for use with bikes full stop so we will not be held responsible for any issues caused by use of a pressure washer.