Camouflage DMR Grey Scale Full Rim Graphics

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Camouflage DMR Grey Scale Full Rim Graphics

Camouflage Full Rim Graphics

DMR Oi Oi Grey Scale Camouflage, designed to match a DMR Oi Oi saddle.

Full wheel graphics designed to give a seamless look on any wheels or rims. They have a 2cm height and come in sections to be applied separately instruction provided. They cover any existing rim graphics so if you wish to add factory on top of these please contact us or order the required set as well. 

Includes enough graphics for both Front & Rear wheels.

Please select your wheel size using the drop down menu. 

Printed and laminated graphics using RitRamma 70 micron digital media and matching over laminate, creating a durable graphic set. Adding an extra level of protection to your wheel set. 

Fitting tips:
Please ensure wheels are clean and any excess alcohol cleaners used in the process are removed with warm soapy water first.

Ensure you start with a section with a white tab at the end, and start the next graphic with an overlap onto the white tab keeping things seamless.

Align each section with the top edge of the rim, and add pressure to push them into the curve of the rim. Then add the next section till complete, and start the process on the next side or wheel. 
Warming the wheels up a little first is highly recommended with these graphics and even using heat during application to help pull a section in place if not easily aligning.