DVO Diamond 2018-19 Fork Decals

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DVO Diamond 2018-19 Fork Decals
Dvo Diamond 2018-19 fork graphics 
Anodised or Neon colour matched graphics also available on request. 

Choose your colour way using the drop down bars. 
Colour one is Blue in the example image (Main Text), colour two stealth grey (highlights) and the background black. 
To select a single colour for the full graphic just select the same colour for both options.
You can only select black or white background on this item.
We have tried to make this as versatile with colour ways as possible. 
If your unsure on the exact colour way and how it will look, please contact us and we'll happily send you a proof image. 
Printed and laminated graphics using meta mark MD5 with a meta guard laminate.
Condition: New