Welcome to the gallery, I've chosen a few images to show you what different finishes look like. 
Please do check www.facebook.com/indiprint for a huge selection of images and videos of my one off custom projects. 

You may have noticed a lot of items say chrome or anodised colour match available. Its a metallic layer that I can only offer with certain items in certain layout's. For example when ordering hope enduro rim graphics I print the small text and hope logo in black to the chrome media and then die cut it to the shape of the graphics. Then I add the die cut chrome to a printed layer and laminate the two to ensure maximum durability, and then proceed to die cut the printed and laminated layers. Chrome Colours available are: Orange, Blue, Red, Gold, Purple & Salmon Pink 

Neon and Metallic finishes are slightly different to chrome, as the vinyl's used are much easier to use, in most cases i'm able to print directly to the media with a bold black. So in this case I use a neon or metallic shade of prefernce and feed that through the printer to give the best possible colour match. This is not a print ink effect like other suppliers, ink pigments cannot create these shades much like the anodised chrome graphics.